Arduino Interfacing with Visual Basic


I have tried VB2 and VB6. It is an easy environment for Hardware
Engineers or Hobbyists to program. It means easy to code unlike C++.
Programs made with the new VB may not be compact or fast; but as it runs
on a Virtual DotNet Machine and is bug-safe and may not hang/boot too.
The DotNet was MS answer to Java of Sun. Even Java is a simple
language and it seems to be lighter too. DotNet of late has become a
bigger download, more than 10 times the size it started with.

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can try Visual Basic Webapp on the Cloud using HTML5. Even remotely
hosted DotNet is better, with the VB Apps as Web Applications using
DotNet WebService. Then nothing to download, neither the update or the
security fixes. Just provide something like jQuery for DotNet. Web VB
would be a better thing for developers.


Arduino is a QuickStart Embedded system, very useful in learning both the hardware and software elements of a system.

what i understand, the developed app can be burned into the device
fully, no additional layer of OS or Firmware needed, It is all built in.
In short the compiled binary can be either a stand-alone firmware(OS)
or be a layer running over a Mobile OS.

Now putting Ardunio and VB together, we get an Hardware/Software Environment that is easy on students and hobbyists too.

Fermata written by Andrew Craigie

is a generic protocol for communicating with microcontrollers from
software on a host computer. It is intended to work with any host
computer software package. See more examples ….

Arduino – Simple temperature monitor also see Visual C++ and Arduino

“Then for those that liked Java, He gave the Processing

thenceforward, the Inspired People made many Large Sketches and the Globe Glowed like Warm White LED Lamp”

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