Desktop Computing Future


Wish we could Stop making Desktop Computers that are Energy Guzzlers
by 2020. The Laptop/Notebook Electronics Design Architecture could be
Ported to the Desktop Computer Physical Framework.

makes Battery Operated Lean Desktops that can always be on Float
Charge. Temporary mobility and convertibles are also possible. Power
Failure proof.

A flexi ferrite table cover to wireless
charge mouse, printer and keyboard batteries. An additional Lan with
Wi-fi to network with all the Peripherals. This gets rid of the Cable
Clutter and Device Drivers for Peripherals.


Device Interface

USB has not still been adopted as a standard for peripheral interface.
(not to be confused with Wi-Fi USB sticks). BlueTooth is good but does
not completely address Easy Peripheral Interface in terms of usability
etc. This may help the Desktop Comp.

Nettops use less
power and are the Desktops of Tomorrow, with cloud computing and
wireless storage these are the essential devices to go to Green
Computing and the Client-Server Architecture with the Cloud in mind. We
need both Intranet-Cloud and Internet-Cloud.

Each PC
should have Two Wi-Fi. One for Device Networking and the other is for
Web and Networking. Device Networking means adding Smart Peripherals
without Drivers. Example Wi-Fi External HDD and Wi-Fi Printer.


on off Power can Damage Hardisk. Transport of PC over rumbling Terrain,
PC or Notebook drop on Hard Surface, Impulsive Jerks of Table on which
Desktop Comp is placed; can mean, that your data and device is a goner.
Maybe Desktops should use the more mobile Notebook Drives or external
portable drives (technology), as these consume less power and are more

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