Digital Signal Processing – Texas Instruments

Digital Signal Processing – Texas Instruments

C55x Low Power DSPs from Texas Instruments

  • 100% code-compatible with C5000 devices
  • Broad portfolio of the industry’ s most power-efficient DSPs with standby power as low as 0.12 mW and performance up to 600 MIPS
  • Lowest industry standby power greatly extends battery life
  • Software compatible with all C5000™ DSPs
  • Easy-to-use software and development tools speed time-to-market
  • Includes dual-processor, single chip OMAP (DSP + RISC) devices

The new TMS320C5506 DSP is tailored for consumer applications such as touch screen controllers, USB headsets, cordless telephones that require USB connectivity, lower cost and reduced power consumption to further minimize the drain on batteries and prolong time between charges.

The C5506 DSP includes:

  • A full-speed USB 2.0 interface that supplies cost-efficient wired connectivity
  • 128 KB of on-chip memory for lower cost and power consumption reduction
  • The industry’s lowest standby power at just 0.12 mW at 108 MHz and 1.2V
  • The device is packaged in a 12 mm × 12 mm microBGA, with suggested pricing of $5.75 in quantities of 10,000 units