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delabs Electronics and Technologies – FAQ

How long has delabs Electronics been active ?

delabs has come online in late 90s as an Electronic Engineering resource. It started as a Circuit Archive of my older designs, I was running a small Industrial Electronic Manufacturing and design firm from the late 80s. I started as an R&D Engineer and have been designing industrial and instrumentation products in the early part of my career. Later i turned into an Technology Entrepreneur.

Is delabs resources location targeted ?

delabs is free of any location bias. delabs has Visitors from Australia to Alaska, Siberia to Peru;  we have only one bias – Electronics and related technologies. Hobby Enthusiasts, Engineering Students, Tech Firms and Manufacturing Industries; all these people and entities find useful ideas, designs and methods in our blogs and applications.

How to support or help delabs ?

delabs can be supported by donations, sponsor ads and regular banner advertisements. We do not collect data or use JavaScript for the ads. Images and banners with links are allowed. You can use subdomains or blogs as landing pages to manage your marketing goals. Individuals and companies that benefited considerably by delabs sites could donate and give credit to those pages and ideas.

Who is delabs a firm or individual ?

delabs is my nickname and my firm is delabs technologies. My profession is R&D and Product Engineering. My Location and Personal details are being kept private due to misuse of my name, location, identity, ideas and creations. I was not credited for my work or compensated for my efforts. I work alone and have no partners, agents or representatives. Beware of impersonators too.

delabs main activity is product design service as a firm. delabs internet based blogs and sites are a non profit activity that needs the support of sponsors and donors. delabs uses its own resources and money to keep the websites and blogs online. delabs needs sponsors support to enhance these popular and valuable websites.

How to contact delabs directly ?

Firms or persons who wish to do business with delabs should contact me by email show in the card below or this Contact Form. More detailed conversations can happen here at MeeeT delabs. Direct meeting or telephone conversation can be fixed after the email introduction.

!! Please be cautioned about any person or firm indicating that they know me by name, location and other details and are partners or employees; for financial or business reasons. !!

I operate my business alone and can be only contacted by email.

Are you on Social Networks ?

I have deleted all my social network accounts around 2014 and also began to exit google related services. The privacy and security risks and exploitation of personal data in logged-in services of big corporations is enormous. I now relate only to small firms and services and keep most of my data private. I also do not use any commercial smartphone apps for the same reason.

Social Networks and Smartphone Apps collect Location data, usage data, docs and Contacts which may be easily take out by executives, insiders with low integrity, hackers and partner or service firms. The data now lands in the hands of competitors, marketing agencies, analysts, investment banks and consultants.

Why delabs in not adding new Ideas, feedback or Resources ?

Earlier to 2008 i was not very aware how data can be exploited by vested interests. Right from professionals employed in big companies to marketing groups, analysts and investment banks; have misinterpreted and misused the content and resources for accomplishing their own selfish ends. The resources and ideas of delabs are for engineers and enthusiasts; not for running Investment Rackets or Money doubling Rackets that have become common today.

Will delabs add more useful information ?

Firms, Web Designers, Electronic Enthusiasts will always find some thing new in the various sites and sections of delabs. This will help small firms and individuals to empower themselves and survive in this unhealthy ecosystem.

delabs technologies


You can leave a post at delabs desk or use the other forms there. The Email IDs are on the Business Card. Interact with delabs at MeeeT Hub

delabs Technologies

delabs Technologies has two main sections and brands – delabs Technologies and dapj EE Publications. These together form an Electronics Informatics and Product Design Technologies Web Consultatory.

Services – E-Learning and Consultancy for Engineering, Design and Development of products, system and processes. Generating and Promoting Open Design Ideas for Future Technologies in Handheld Devices using Web Technologies for Automation and Control.

Resources of delabs encompass subjects like Analog Design, Power Electronics, Circuit Design, Instrumentation, Process Control. These help engineers and other professionals get information of products, services and companies. These people may be R&D, Production or the Procurement departments of the technology companies.

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