Driver Free Peripheral and Internal Hardware


The utopia in computers can happen only if we free ourselves from
“Drivers”. I mean Software Drivers. It has to interface by a serial
protocol close to the TCP/IP.

It needs to only identify
itself to the computer as what type of data it can send or receive.
Even that has to be from a tiny server on the device, which can be
mapped by a address and accessed by any Browser on any OS. The Browser
can have the configuration GUI. This is similar to some Router


free, connect a new peripheral on the USB/Firewire or LAN or Wi-Fi, Now
In browser you have a TCP/IP or Ethernet Device Explorer. Browse to the
device, it can have a IP Addr. like 11.724. . The firewall
blocks all communication of this device to the outer world. Now setup
the device on the browser, now any software on the PC can communicate
with that peripheral to do the job.

Ideas of delabs – 2005

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