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December 10, 2022
Keeping your Smartphone WiFi or Data on for more than an hour is enough for a Bank Heist.

Fake accounts can be created & verified while you are asleep. Money can be Transferred & other Impersonation can be done. OTP and Biometrics are no big deal for the new generation thieves for regular banks.

Fake Mobile Payment Accounts and Wallets are Spawned and used for Cash Transfers.

Crypto Accounts can be created with much ease. You may even become coin rich, but they operate your Account.

December 7, 2022
The Toxic Trio

Data Dracula, Abominable Analyst, Iconoclast Investor. Their money laundering has led to a global toxic assets pile.

Startups with large investments used Real Estate rackets to create and illusion of performance. Now Money Doubling rackets are using the Cryptocurrency Platforms to enhance profiles.

Toxic Assets can take three forms - Shares and valuation; Cryptocurrency, Large Properties.
October 27, 2022
Man with the Golden Gun - Bond is sent after the Solex Agitator, a breakthrough technological solution to contemporary energy shortages...

As the Energy Crisis intensifies over the next few decades, you will see more Investment Rackets in the Alternative Energy and Electric Vehicle Sectors. Make sure you support genuine Companies not the Bluffers.
October 14, 2022
Bitcoin Cryptos, Shares Stocks, Poker Rummy. All these are different names for the same thing. 💰😈💍💔
October 10, 2022
When a Casino starts losing money, the owner does everything possible to break even, and recover. When a Country does not protect its Currency and Economy it builds up Huge Debts. Shining Examples are USA and Japan which have the most magnificent Debts.
October 10, 2022
Very Large Companies are a Threat to Democracy. Break them into two or more Separate Corporations with Unique Shareholding Pattern. The Government holding should be 20% of each of the New Units - Antitrust
July 16, 2022
The James Bond set of Films with Roger Moore have been influenced by the Spirit of Nostradamus.

Moonraker has beams that have a very subtle semblance to SpaceX.
A View to a Kill portrays Zorin Industries that has a faint likeness to SoftBank.

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