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November 9, 2022
Avoid using Smartphone Apps from the Financial and Government sectors. If you value your data, privacy and security use a Web Browser on a Laptop/Desktop with unique User Profile for that activity. Boycott apps/websites with Social Media Integration for Safety & Privacy.

Open Non-Digital accounts in Banks that support it and use only Legacy Paper work for Transactions. Get an undertaking from the Bank that Digital Technology will be used for Recording and Reporting and not for Device Transactions.
October 31, 2022
It is extremely vital, in the interest of public safety, privacy and security; that the Android part of Google is hived off as a Separate Company.

May 30, 2022
OTP on Mobile Networks with Smartphone is an unreliable and insecure mode of Authentication. SIM Swapping, Forwarding and Redirecting of SMS messages. Third part Apps ability to read SMS, with or without permissions. Total Phone ID and account Hijacks like unauthorized transfer of ownership has become common. Use Email HOTP and Authenticator TOTP Instead. This One-time code can be generated even on a Tablet Computer.
May 25, 2022
Cloudy Clues Part 1
Centralized Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive pose high security and privacy risks to the common man. One corrupt company executive, one compromised offshore destination or one greedy insider can put the life of the Layman in peril. This has to be emphasized more as these sync data to the vulnerable smartphone.
May 25, 2022
Cloudy Clues Part 2
Keep data in cloud services of smaller firms or setup your own cloud storage. Companies have to create their own private cloud servers. These big billion corporations like big data and they have their own analysts and data diggers. They also make large strategic investments in many companies. Is it more explicit than i can imagine ?
May 25, 2022
The Smartphone has become the Devil's own Playground, every commercial app a hobgoblin. Look where you are going. Keep Location and data turned off when not in use. Switch to power saver mode. Uninstall apps that need too many permissions, careful about the permissions of location, wifi passwords, contacts and SMS access. Never use the Smartphone for Banking and Financial transactions.
May 23, 2022
Avoid using Windows 10 and above Logged into a Microsoft Account or the Edge Browser too. Use a Password for every Profile on your Windows Computer and should be a Local Account. In Edge browser log off after using Outlook or other Services. There is Data Profiling and remember Microsoft and Linkedin have Linked-up. This Profile and data of yours, lands in the wrong hands; is big profit for them, but damaging to your work, career or business. Log off and work smart.

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