MCS48 Code for 80C39 Microcontroller


80C39 is a Cmos Version of 8048 the one that preceded 8031-8051. MCS48 is the set for that, MCS51 is the current set.

is an example project for 80C39-8748-8749 microcontroller. This code
was written by me, and it works. But the documentation is not complete
or may have errors.

80C39-8749 MCS-48 Examples and code.

Process Controller code here 80C39 Code for MCS48  The circuit for these are on this page along with other circuits.

may be difficult to put together now. But the code and hardware is near
compatible to 8051 uC. Now there are may types of ADC and uC.

The circuit of the Analog Front End was a V-F Converter


was supposed to have Analog in and Analog out. Some parts of the
circuit may be in the 80C51 page. This has ramp-up and ramp-down
settings for the Increment and Decrement buttons. This helps setting
setpoint quickly. There is also debouncing for the pushbutton.

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