Mentor Graphics is a technology leader in electronic design
automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that
enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more

The company offers innovative
products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design
challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board and
chip design.

EZwave can analyze time or frequency
domain waveform of any type: analog, digital, eye diagram, smith chart,
polar or complex chart, and histogram. ”

Mentor Graphics – EDA Technology

EZwave Joint Waveform DataBase (JWDB) is a high-performance waveform
database for manipulating huge waveform databases from leading
simulators, loading gigabytes of data in seconds.


LP Viewer

Physical Component and Land Pattern superimposed for visual accuracy.
You can turn layers on/off, print datasheets, see component dimensions,
land pattern dimensions, calculator setting, global settings, Toe, Heel
and Side statistical data.”

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