OsciPrime – Tablet Oscilloscope and Data Acquisition


OsciPrime is an Open Source high speed data acquisition hardware platform and Tablet oscilloscope application. All layers of the project – from hardware, to firmware, up to software – are well documented in great detail.

Measure: Voltage, Freq, Time – and also – Run/Stop data acquisition

OsciPrime – Oscilloscope and Data Acquisition

The hardware consists of two parts: the analogue front-end where a signal is tapped and adjusted for the A/D conerters and a digital front-end where the data is quantified and prepared for USB transmission. Key components are a Xilinx Coolrunner CPLD and a Cypress FX2 microcontroller.

Using USB, the hardware plugs into Tablets that support USB Host. Together with the OsciPrime oscilloscope application it turns a tablet or mobile phone into a high speed data acquisition system.



  • 2x Analogue Input @ 8bit/6Msps
  • 5 analogue gain levels
  • 3.3 MHz – 8.0 MHz Bandwidth (gain dependant)
  • Range +/- 1.5 V up to +/- 16 V
  • 5 us/Div max – 1 ms/Div min
  • V-Offset, Time-Offset, Calibration
  • Trigger Falling/Rising Edge, CH1/CH2

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