RF Micro Devices – RFMD Semiconductors

of RF integrated circuits. Product line includes quadrature
modulators, quadrature demodulators, LNA/mixers, IF amplifiers,
attenuators, etc.
Products for

  • Amplifiers (Broadband, General Purpose)
  • Low Noise Amplifiers and Discretes
  • High Power Amplifiers and Discretes
  • Integrated PLL/Mixers
  • Signal Sources (VCOs and PLLs) 

ZigBee HAN SmartEnergy AMI

ZigBee HAN SmartEnergy AMI

joint reference design allows RFMD and Freescale to leverage each
other’s products into the Smart Energy marketplace. This allows us both
to offer our customers a proven high-performance, highly integrated
solution that reduces design cycle time and time to market.”

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