Create a complete stand-alone mixed signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and waveform generator. This tiny BitScope is USB powered by the Raspberry Pi and can be used with BitScope DSO which runs directly on the Raspberry Pi.

Running BitScope on Raspberry Pi

BitScope 10 is very low power. Unlike a lot of other gear, this means you don’t need a USB hub. Simply connect directly to the Raspberry Pi, add a monitor and mouse, and you’re good to go.


Breadboard One – A typical Mixed Signal Circuit

The first BitScope Ed project, a simple mixed signal circuit which explains the key elements of modern mixed signal systems. Electronic Projects Lab for Raspberry Pi based on Breadboard One to test the circuit.

This arrangement provides the power supply, waveform generator, clock generator. Even tools like a frequency meter or volt/Amp meter. Connections made via its Smart POD Interface. Breadboard One connects directly but logic probes or analog probes like DP01 can be used too. Some BitScopes have BNC inputs for use with standard oscilloscope probes.

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