A Korean Company with ASIC Chip design and Software Development Expertise. Some products developed include 3GPP compliant Turbo decoder ASIC/IP core and 200MHz bandwidth 5GS/s equiv. Sampling rate Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Software and DSP technology – softDSP

With SoftDSP’s expertise in high speed analog/digital signal processing and computer applications, SDS 200A combines all the traditional benefits of the DSO from 200MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s equivalent sampling to advanced triggering options (Logic, Pulse and Delay)


SoftDSP’s proprietary variable gain amplification architecture boosts SDS 200A’s analog bandwidth up to 200MHz, with only 2.5 Watts supplied from USB. According to Nyquist Sampling Theorem, one of the most important rules of sampling, the highest frequency which can be accurately represented, is one-half of the sampling rates.

In practice, however, given errors in digital signal processing, the range of frequencies needed to faithfully record an analog signal is one-fifth the sampling rate. So reconstructing a 200MHz signal demand more than 1GS/s sampling rate. Overcoming these physical restrictions, our 200 ps-resolution Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) technology implements on the 5GS/s equivalent

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