Linutop is delivered with free standard ready-to-use Linux software: Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player… and can be easily customized with additional software. Linutop – Low Power Thin Web ClientRead More


Thin Clients based computers delivers an affordable basic computing experience and easy access to Internet Services. Mini PC Series Nettop – ASRock The Mini Series is based on AMD E2-1800Read More


CompuLab is introducing fit-PC4 – a miniature fanless PC based on AMD’s next generation G-Series “Jaguar” SoC. Powered by the 2 GHz quad-core AMD GX-420CA, fit-PC4 scores over 5000 inRead More


This ARM926-based stand-alone computer is an excellent choice for thin-client, low-cost, low-power consumption computing. ARM926 Stand-alone Computer – KwikByte The small footprint and low power requirements (supports Power-over-Ethernet, PoE) makeRead More


The Desktop Computer redesigned, completely new, universal, energy efficient, cost-effective modular computer design. Xi3 – ISYS Technologies – Modular Computer Universal hardware platform, designed for any solution, from ARM- orRead More