USB or Ethernet Processing Boost


A software and External Hardware, Interfacing on LAN or USB or even
WiGig when it comes. The hardware contains HDD/Flash, RAM and RAW
Processing power. This is not like Hyper Threading or multi-core cpu,
but addresses same issue.


Software sees resources load on PC and when it feels RAM, CPU or HDD is
getting stressed; it moves some work to the external box which is on
standby consuming low power. Like playing music is lesser priority then
say checking email. The Software Resource manager moves the Music Player
and dependencies open in RAM to the Resource outside via USB and makes a
Glitch-less switch. This can be remembered as a setting and used
whenever the external resource is plugged in. Like RAID but for
Home/Small Office users to use redundant capacities. Hardware scales
up/down with needs and does not hog electrical power.

lot of Processing Power and other resources go waste, consuming
valuable energy in the present desktops. How faster things can be if all
peripherals were on TCP/IP and Wireless (optical). This way an external
resource box can directly play the speakers or print too without taking
Main CPU time.

delabs – 2009

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