Winbond – Semiconductor Solutions

Winbond – Semiconductor Solutions

“Winbond Electronics Corporation America is a leading
supplier of semiconductor memory solutions to the consumer, computer, and mobile
electronics markets.”

They are Specialized in Flash and SDRAM memory design, engineering and marketing.

  • Mobile RAM
  • Specialty DRAM
  • Graphics DRAM
  • Flash Memory
  • Memory Product Foundry Service
Winbond - Semiconductor Solutions

The W25X family operates up to 104MHz and supports “Dual-Output SPI”, effectively doubling the clock rate to 208MHz. The W25Q family is “superset” compatible with W25X devices while adding Dual-I/O and Quad-I/O SPI for even higher performance

 Winbond Electronics Corporation America
2727 North First Street  San Jose, CA 95134 USA 

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