Wireless Handheld Multimedia Computers


The Average home user or a majority of mankind have trouble even when
operating a TV remote control. Things are not as simple as a Water Tap
or a Toggle Switch. An Easy to use Handheld is more important than any
technology or features that may be available for that. Ergonomics,
Utility or Application, Quality and Cost are the basic requirements of
the consumer.


Handheld gadget for the masses, needs to be a Entertainer and
Communicator. It has to be wireless and should at least get into a Coat
Inner pocket or Small Bag. It is a Duarble Consumer Electronics Product,
comparable to the first Popular Tape Recorders from Philips or Grundig.

Wireless Gigabit Alliance – WiGig 60 GHz

and WiMax are the things that are being talked-blogged about and being
tried. I just got some idea about these technologies and have my
feedback or understanding.

If Somebody asked me to set
up a low cost wifi connectivity in a small housing complex, I would just
strap a wireless router on the pole on every street corner, the poles
or junctions being the ones used for existing cable broadband. Then
depending on subscriptions and demand, improve the capacity of the
network within the budget of the colony.

The handheld
can have simultaneous connection to two or three routers and as the
person moves, drop a weak path and take up a new router which is strong.
This is just my hunch.

The Handheld could be used for three types of wireless connections.

Full Multimedia Duplex – Like Video Telephone, WebApps – 100 units money charge per hour.

Semi Multimedia Duplex – Like Interactive Quiz, Games – Up is Text, Down is Video – 50 Units /hr.

Multimedia Broadcast – Digital Radio Podcast, TV Show Podcast, Movie Podcast – 15 Units/hr.

TV and Radio Shows on subscribed podcasts can be downloaded and stored
when it is transmitted live; but seen any time, any number of times, but
transmitted only once. This is a wireless Transmission with an advance
program xml feed info. It is just like Regular TV. This is to avoid
bandwidth wastage on multiple downloads of same show by the people in
one block. Even software updates and games can be brodcast and stored in

The usage of Internet and phone remains
duplex and will take more resources. The handheld usage for
entertainment may be very high. Duplex for that will cause excess costly
load. Normal usage of Internet for browsing, mail and webapps may
become difficult as more entertainment load builds. Entertainment on
Handheld is best as a one time brodcast with a advance feed.

Wireless Handhelds connectivity must have separate interfaces for Web
and Media. The Web is the same as Lan Wifi but Movies and Games can be
connected by a Broadcast Show. And seen on Handheld by wireless
Programmable Live Reception with storage.

delabs around 07-08 – First in Nomadic Computing

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