Wireless Networking Resources


“Wireless Connectivity is very important for portable electronic devices. The technology has developed so well that small batteries, small flash storage and low power wireless is practical today. This makes Tablets and Wearable computer even closer to becoming the way computing will be done in the future.

The only bottleneck is that the mobile broadband still cannot manage that kind of data load at an affordable price. Something like the WiMax or Bell Labs’ lightRadio Cube should take off and remove this Road Block.

We are now waiting for that Historic Invention that makes fiber-broadband and mobile-broadband converge to make the Digitally Connected World a Reality”. – Aug 2014 delabs

Ben Gross – Wireless Networking  – Wireless Networking , Wireless VOIP. Resources related to Wireless Computing Networks.


Wireless LAN Association – Non-profit consortium of wireless networking vendors established to educate the market place about wireless networking products, trends and applications..

Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine –  is the largest web site in the world dedicated to the broadband wireless industry, is an online publication that publishes news and many reference materials.

WirelessDevNet – Wireless Developer – The Wireless Developer Network is an on-line community for information technology professionals interested in mobile computing and communications. Online tutorials and resources and Wireless Industry training courses and events The WDN Library – Look for numerous technical papers and education mWirelessDevNet

IEEE WCET – Wireless Communications – “The IEEE WCET certification shows that the individual has demonstrated mastery of the internationally recognized body of wireless communication knowledge…”

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