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This community is for Technical and Engineering People. Ham Radio and Hobby DIY Enthusiasts are also welcome. Students, Technicians, Engineers and People who work in Electronic Firms will find its services useful. STEM Related Topics Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Students and Teachers too.

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About delabs

Integrated here is an older blog of delabs related to embedded systems – Microcontroller or uC, SoC. ASIC Design and EDA Tools. FPGA and DSP. SBC to Industrial Computers. – Part of delabs Technologies

About dapj elektrotech

Embedded Engineer or DIY Enthusiasts use Microcontrollers more than processors. The separating Line is disintegrating. Now the differentiation is Low Power Consumption Mini devices for Gizmos and Multi-Core Devices for computing Gadgets like Tablets and Notebooks. We also have powerful devices for Servers and Large Computing Systems that are Specialized. Microprocessors came before Microcontrollers, These days Multi-Core Processors are used in gadgets and computers you use daily.

The Embedded Device needs of an Instrument or Equipment used in Lab or Factory are like the AVR, PIC, 8051 successors or Forks. Some Large systems may use ARM devices as a central control for tiny uC branches of AVR, PIC.

Microcontroller was just a large chip with more external supporting chips of processor boards getting integrated into the main Silicon. Then CMOS reduced power and the firmware became smaller and smarter. Less code for getting things done.

Electronic Circuits

Product and Process Design. Electronic Projects, EE Magazines and EDA Tools. Design Reference like HandBooks, Manuals and Datasheets.

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