Category: Semiconductors

IRFP460 – Power MOSFET

Vishay IRFP460 – Fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness. The TO-247 package is preferred for commercial-industrial applications . 500V 20A device. Dynamic dV/dt Rating, Repetitive Avalanche Rated, Isolated Central Mounting Hole,...

1N4148 High Speed Diodes

The 1N4148 is a standard silicon switching signal diode. Nominal values are Switching Speed 4 ns. Reverse Voltage 100V, Forward Current 200mA, 25nA leakage current. Room Temperature Specs. Package DO-35, DO-204AH. 500mW Power Dissipation....

Maxim Integrated – Analog Integration

They make unique and affordable semiconductor solutions in the areas or Analog and Mixed-signal. The digital and analog interface ICs are useful products in maxim for automotive and industrial product engineering. –


Toshiba Electronic Devices

Toshiba Electronic Devices offers a wide IC and discrete product range. high-end memory, microcontrollers and ASIC. Optoelectronic Semiconductors include Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Photocouplers.