Category: Test-Measurement

Autoranging Digital Multimeter

This is an old article from Practical Electronics 1979. It shows the input circuits and digital ranging controls too. Using 7107 chip for display it is an excellent project to build even today. Try...


Open Hardware Design – BitScope

BitScopes are USB or Ethernet connected PC Based Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. This means they capture and display one, two or four analog signals and eight logic or timing signals, simultaneously. Any BitScope can be...

SPM-3 Heterodyne Level Meter

The SPM-3 is a broadband and heterodyne level meter whose frequency range is is designed for balanced 1 20-channel systems. It can be powered from a built-in rechargeable rechargeable battery or from the mains....


Syscomp Electronic Design

Syscomp Electronic Design was incorporated in 1979 to develop custom electronic and computer equipment. Syscomp developed the first computer-based moving grid intervalometer for aerial photography and the first computer-based mixer for theatrical sound effects.