Johanson Technology – RF Ceramic Components


JTI specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality ceramic components for RF/Wireless and Microwave applications.

Johanson Technology – RF Ceramic Components –

Integrated Passives, High-Q Multi-Layer Capacitors, RF Ceramic Chip Inductors, Custom Thin Film Metalized Substrates, Capacitor and Inductor Designer Kits,

Johanson Technology - RF Ceramic Components

JTIsoft Modeling Overview

MLCsoft and MLIsoft provide highly detailed graphical plots of device performance data in two basic formats over a user specified frequency range. The chart displays are instantly updated as the user makes capacitance or frequency changes. Smith chart displays of both impedance and S11/S22 are available as point plots, line plots, and line-point plots.

Johanson Technology
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