arturo System for Industrial Controls


This is a Embedded System that is dedicated to Process Control or Small Machine Automation Applications. Home Automation and HVAC control projects also could be made.

An example of espresso machine and Multi-channel temperature measurement can help you get started. This system is a bit advanced and with external I/O Modules can make a good system.


The kit includes display, sensors, solid state relays and other electrical components, leads and installation material. The software to plot live sensor data with example source codes is available.

delabs Notes

Isolated Robust front ends and excellent stable power supplies are needed for an embedded system to work reliably. These are external to this SBC card. Output Modules also could be Isolated and Protected.

When critical or costly systems are being controlled, use analog limit control devices or alarms as an additional layer of protection. Tripping circuits are essential in all control systems. when a sensor breaks or a output relay fails, there is danger to man and machine.

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