BOWest – Electrical and Project Engineering

BOWest is an Electrical and Project Engineering Consultancy within the mining, mineral processing and power generation industries.

Their Enginnering Service includes technical support for design, construction, commissioning, optimization and troubleshooting Medium and Large Electrical Systems, Plants and Machines.

The Principal Engineer is Trevor A Bowland – BSc BA CEng MIEE

Technical reference library in electrical engineering, published by BOWest Pty Ltd, Perth, Western Australia.

Electrical Engineering Reference – BOWest

The library does not include diagrams, it has the Definitions and Formulae for most or even nearly all that you will need in an Engineering Project. They have Theorems and Formulae for Electrical Circuits, Systems and Machines.

BOWest Pty Ltd
PO Box 330, Quinns Rocks WA 6030, Australia

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