Break Free – Open Source Chipware

Linux Tablets based on new RISC Chips have to be developed in order to ensure the Privacy and Security of Computer Users in the Long Term. That means the Tablet should be Open Source; both Hardware, Software and Chipware. Even the RISC Chip, IP or SoC should be Open Source.

Open Source Chipware + Hardware + Software = Freedom

The Monopoly of Android and the ARM IP can pose a threat to the common man due to compromise of Data which is much Explicit in the Smartphone Devices.

In order to protect Humanity from the Exploitation by Big Business and Large Corporations; we Engineers have to develop a competitive Open Source RISC IP which will be called Open Source Chipware.

Social Responsibility of Engineers and Engineering Firms

“Let us build an Open Source Electronic Device Development Environment which creates products that Emphasize Privacy and Security in the best interests of Mankind and their Freedom.”

delabs Apr 2021

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