Circuit Cellar – The Magazine for Computer Applications


Since its founding in 1988, Circuit Cellar has delivered exactly what
its paying subscribers demand-intensive, exploratory articles about
hardware and software methods for embedded-control systems.

Circuit Cellar – The Magazine for Computer Applications

Circuit Cellar Ink, the best magazine devoted to hardware and embedded computer development, or “What’s Inside the Box”.


Are you wondering how it all began?
By Steve Ciarcia (Founder, Circuit Cellar)

first statement upon hearing about BYTE’s redirection was “How about we
start our own magazine?” We had the staff, the expertise, the
credibility, the support, and most importantly, the money. It was time
to go for it.

The first
issue of Circuit Cellar magazine was published in January 1988. And, the
first issue theme, “Inside the Box Still Counts,” was my way of saying
that “us hardware guys” aren’t going away quietly. “

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Joining forces with Elektor International Media in 2009 Design Challenges

Circuit Cellar has always been written by engineers, for engineers.

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