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DH MicroSystems – PIC Development

The BB18 is a great platform for rapid pototyping 18 pin PIC designs. It is also great for classroom use and embedded systems education. In addition to the solderless breadboard, the BB18 features 4 push buttons, 4 LEDs, a buzzer, RS232, ICSP, and a header for an LCD–all available via solderless sockets making prototyping a breeze.


This board features innovations that set it apart from other development boards; innovations like a solderless breadboard for test circuit construction, an 18 pin ZIF socket for the PIC, and socketed oscillator parts for supporting all PIC oscillator configurations (4MHz ceramic resonator ships with the board).

Some Features

  • Overall board dimensions 5.50″ x 4.50″.
  • 18 pin ZIF socket for the PIC
  • 350 pin solderless breadboard prototyping area.
  • Power and GND pins run the length of the breadboard on both the top and bottom.
  • Crystal or ceramic resonator with external capacitors (DC-20MHz).

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