Embedded Systems Design – James Hamblen

Professor Hamblen’s current research interests include rapid prototyping with FPGAs, embedded systems, computer architectures, continuous system simulation, and computer-aided design.

James Hamblen ECE GIT

This web site contains selected student design projects from ECE 4006 that contain embedded processors, FPGA-based SOPC, and robotics projects. ECE 4006 is a team-based semester long undergraduate student design project.

Embedded Computer & SOC Design Projects

Embedded Systems Design covers hardware and software design for higher-end embedded systems containing X86 and ARM based technology and other embedded devices that contain a 32-bit processor, memory, and an embedded operating system.

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FPGA IP cores and laboratory projects developed for four editions the textbook, Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems. VHDL-based IP cores include a simple computer design, a VGA video controller, a character generation ROM, graphics memory, an LCD controller, a PWM controller, a PS/2 mouse and keyboard interface, a small robot controller, and a MIPS processor core.

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