Hans Wedemeyer’s Projects, Code and More

“Seven Port RS-232 Multiplexer. Seven Way RS-232 Software Controlled Switch Eight Channel 12 bit Serial ADC. Universal Radiation Spectrum AnalyzerUpdated New Version Jornada Cradle modification and How to Make a Serial Cable. Multi-channel Analyzer Program for the Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer Dial-up Remote Monitoring using the Serial ADC. DC Motor Speed Control

Terrminal Program for Pocket PC (Jornada) Two Channel Platinum Probe Serial Thermometer. Single Channel 24 bit USB ADC. Barcode Reader Connection Humidity Measuring Project. Four Channel DRO CNC Stepper motor driver and more. Updated Download Page for NC Drill file converter, RS-232 Server etc. Surface Mount. Various Mice. Links. Sick of Bugs. Odds and Ends. Photographs. “

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