Linear Circuit Design Handbook, edited by Hank Zumbahlen (Newnes,
2008), bridges the gap between circuit component theory and practical
circuit design. Effective analog circuit design requires a strong
understanding of core linear devices and how they affect analog circuit


book provides complete coverage of important analog devices and how to
use them in designing linear circuits, and serves as a useful learning
tool and reference for design engineers involved in analog and
mixed-signal design.

Linear Circuit Design Handbook – Hank Zumbahlen

Chapters Include

Sensors, RF/IF Circuits, Converters. Analog Filters. Power Management and …

  • Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems
  • Chapter 7: Data Converter Support Circuitry
  • Chapter 11: Overvoltage Effects on Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Chapter 12: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Issues

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