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Open Hardware Design many not be like Free Software. Free Hardware Designs existed even before Computers, Software or even free software came into being.

Radio Electronics carried one of the first free computer designs. You copy the circuit and build it. Like Woodwork Designs and plans in Popular Mechanics.

This is the way an Electronics design engineer or group see it, some may include gnu type freedom, it could be just open-source. It would also be like a creative commons type design. Then it would even be just like …..


The Woodwork License

“I have given you the schematics, pcb and software you can build, improve and learn from it”

Open Hardware or Designs – Give Credits and Thanks

Do not claim them as your own, give the creator his due credit. Respect the rights of the creator and designer.

Some of the Designs are Application Notes, Evaluation Boards with Open Hardware. These may not be Open Source and some may be Copyright in design terms, still they are open designs.

The Electronic Design Difference

A free electronic design, like one that comes with a semiconductor application note or single board computer kit is not necessarily like open source but are still open designs.

Some Open Designs and Open Hardware are not Like FOSS or GNU but limited use and application. Still the Schematics, PCB and Firmware are Free to use, apply and learn.

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