OpenServo – Digital servo for Robotics

OpenServo is an open community-based project started by Mike Thompson. Low-cost digital servo for robotics being the goal. New code and hardware.

OpenServo – Digital servo for Robotics

Colin MacKenzie provided the original inspiration for the development of the OpenServo. Colin developed a similar servo board called the SuperServo for his Symapod robot using the PIC16C73A and was kind enough to share his design. Aspects of Colin’s hardware design were borrowed for the OpenServo.

Independent H-Bridge allowing for braking, Temperature sensor, 400khz I2C/TWI interface. – New Features

OpenServo - Digital servo for Robotics

Getting OpenServo Software git RepositoryTo access the OpenServo git repository your system must have a git client software installed

OpenServo 3.0 is the latest version of the OpenServo hardware based on the AVR ATmega168 MCUs. This MCU has 16K of Flash allowing more features to be implemented. This version of the OpenServo also uses independent bridge control and back EMF sensing

Some features:

  • High precision positioning
  • Advanced curve based motion profile engine
  • Open source design and software
  • Back EMF speed sensing
  • High speed 20MHZ design

OpenServo is a replacement for a standard servo’s control electronics, giving you more control over the servo’s functions.

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