This website provides you helpful information about Microchip PIC 8 Bit RISC microcontrollers. Several assembler source code listings are available for non-commercial use.

PIC RISC microcontrollers – Peter Luethi

There are also tools for using your PC for measuring or regulating electronic applications. I’am working on several projects, e.g. a precision digital altimeter to use in my radio controlled airplanes.

Swiss SmartROB Championships – Autonomously Navigating and Mail-Collecting Robot


The hardware consisted of a 300 MHz PowerPC CPU and a VME SmartCard Interface (switches, analog-to-digital converters, PWM engines, servos,…) built on a chassis. Our development software equipment was XOberon, a hard real-time operating system.

Radio Controlled Modeling – RC Circuits

PIC Assembler Projects, PIC Assembler Modules, Electronic Circuits, Student Projects, R/C Modeling Circuits, Servo Checker. Projects of Peter Luethi – Switzerland.

Precision Digital Altimeter

The current concept incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver and is thought to be used for remote controlled airplanes or appliances with two seperate parts. In other words, we have one dedicated transmitter (acquisition, filtering) and one dedicated receiver part (user-interface, look-up table, calibration, storage),….

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