SPM-3 Heterodyne Level Meter

The SPM-3 is a broadband and heterodyne level meter whose frequency range is is designed for balanced 1 20-channel systems. It can be powered from a built-in rechargeable rechargeable battery or from the mains. Buffer operation is also possible. possible.

The unit is easily transportable and simple to operate, making it well suited for the and is therefore well suited for the maintenance service.

The level meter can be supplemented with the level transmitter PS-3 to a voluminous level meter. me(3station. The tuning of the two devices is done at the receiver SPM-3. For this purpose, the control oscillator voltage for the level transmitter must be connected to a corresponding socket on the front panel of the SPM-3.

The range of application of the SPM-3 is extended by the impedance and error vapour The SFZ-1 impedance and fault signaling unit extends the range of application of the SPM-3. The SFZ-1 is housed in a cover that matches the SPM-3.

This accessory is used for the measurement of the impedance and also enables bridge measurements as well as fault vapor and symmetry
and symmetry measurements in the frequency range from 0.3 to 612 kHz.