ST7LITE09 8-BIT MCU SV Flash Memory


Industry-standard 8-bit core, featuring an enhanced instruction set. FLASH memory with byte-by-byte In-Circuit Programming (ICP) and In-Application Programming (IAP) capability.


Some Features

  • 1K or 1.5 Kbytes single voltage Flash Program memory
  • 128 bytes RAM
  • 128 bytes data EEPROM
  • 3-level low voltage supervisor
  • 10 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET
  • SPI synchronous serial interface

A/D Converter

  • 8-bit resolution for 0 to VDD
  • Fixed gain Op-amp for 11-bit resolution in 0 to 250 mV range
  • 5 input channels

A cost effective solution to drive an array of high brightness LEDs, using the LED driver STP16CP05. The Brightness and Color is uniform
due to current regulation. High efficiency DC-DC converter. Wide Input voltage range – 5 V to 35 V.


Without Diagnostic, based on STP16CP05

  • 32 LED matrix driven by STP16CP05
  • LED current regulation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Animated text capability
  • Adjustable blinking speed

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