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Switching Power Supply Design – smps.us

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Solar Energy Uses in Homes: Solar Guide

“When electromagnetic waves strike an object they can cause various effects, such as excitation of the molecules, excitation and ejection of electrons, and oscillation of charge carriers in the object. As the result, a portion of the radiated photons can convert to heat, electricity or chemical energy”

Solar Grid-Intertie Inverter

An inverter is basically an electronic device that takes a DC input voltage and converts it to an AC output voltage. My design takes a 12V DC input from my solar panels (two 50w panels in parallel) and converts it 120V AC at 60Hz which is the power that most home appliances use. A grid-intertie inverter connects up to and external AC power system and matches it’s internal AC sinewave to the external AC sinewave to allow the inverter to feed power into the external system.

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