They develop and Manufacture a wide variety of off-the-shelf PC/104 SBCs (embedded single board computers) and peripherals that satisfy most embedded project requirements. These are based on x86 and ARM processors.

Technologic Systems – Embedded Systems


Compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Linux which is default with complete driver support for the hardware. The flash memory media included in the development kit boots to a operating system and comes with C/C++ development tools installed. TS-Linux mini distribution provides Apache web server, FTP and telnet client/server. This kit does not include the TS-ARM SBC.

SBC ARM Kit from Technologic Systems

All Technologic Systems ARM Single Board Computers are pre-configured with your selected Operating System when delivered from the factory.  Therefore, using our computers is just a matter of putting together the basic cabling and equipment required to start up the board.  A Development Kit provides the required equipment to boot and run our Single Board Computers.

Technologic Systems, Inc.
16525 East Laser Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, USA.

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