The MathWorks – MATLAB and Simulink

Technical Computing – Mathematical computation, analysis, visualization, and algorithm development –

Design – Model-Based Design for control systems, including simulation,
rapid prototyping, and code generation for embedded systems

Processing and Communications – Model-Based Design for signal
processing and communication systems, including simulation, code
generation, and verification.

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS) Library for Simulink

library is for those who want to use the ANFIS system in the Simulink
environment. Each model is implemented for training and operation in a
sample-by-sample, on-line mode

MATLAB & Simulink Student Version
is the ideal computing environment for students in electrical and
mechanical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, financial
analysis, and other areas of engineering and science.

  • MATLAB & Simulink Tutorials
  • Electronics – Audio, video, and other digital entertainment.
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery – Motors, drives, and power electronics
  • Semiconductors Analog and mixed-signal systems, digital logic, SoC

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