Tibbits and Tibbo – Modular and Programmable


The Tibbo Project System is a modular, configurable and simple to implement mini automation platform.This appears to be interesting concept both for Instrumentation and Automation. It could be easily tried for Building Automation and Energy Automation for Small Offices and Homes. It may also help in Custom Manufacturing Machine Development.

Tibbits (as in “Tibbo Bits”) are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality   housed in color-coded plastic shells. Want an ADC? There is a Tibbit for   this. 5V power supply? Got that! RS232/422/485 port? PoE? PWM? We   have these, and many other Tibbits, too.


Each TPP can accommodate multiple Tibbit modules and connectors. Only bare essentials are provided on each boards: There is a CPU, an   Ethernet port, and a very simple power supply. The rest of the board’s   functionality is defined by what Tibbits you plug in. There are several   TPP “sizes” that differ in the number of Tibbits they can accommodate.

(Part of the Press Release from Tibbo Technology Sent by George Chu to me)

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